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Bingo House Rules

The Regular Bingo rules of play outline the standard rules that apply to all bingo games managed and conducted at the bingo center unless these standard rules are specifically modified by the written rules for a specific game.

If a specific bingo game has written rules governing its rules of play, the written rules will take precedence over the general rules.

Please don't dress inappropriately.

During bingo games, no cards or dice are allowed.

No other Bingos will be honored after the caller has ended the game.

Seats can only be saved without a purchase receipt until the early games begin.

Please sign your buy-in receipt if you purchased the "Magic Ball," "Planet Bingo," or "Combo Pack" so you can claim your rewards.

During gameplay, cell phones must be turned off. If you need to take or make a call, please take a step away from the game and speak quietly.

A permanent marker must be used to mark paper games. Your bingo will be worthless if the paper games are taped together and affixed to the tables.

Loud talking, profane or abusive language directed towards visitors or personnel, or any other unacceptable behavior will not be accepted, and you may be asked to leave.

Games are only valid if played on the relevant color and electronic game number on the day and session of purchase. Unused or wrongly played games will not be refunded.

All players must be at least 18 years old (photo ID may be required for proof of age and for collecting winnings of $100 or more; prizes exceeding $1200 require a social security card as well).

This is a no-smoking, no-alcohol establishment. Outside the sliding doors, there is a fenced-in smoking area. Smoking is not permitted at the facility's front entrance or within 10 feet of any entry.

You must yell "Bingo" loudly enough for the caller to hear you and end the game. The flashboards are provided for your convenience only, and only bingo balls plucked from the hopper and called are valid.

These rules were created to assist us in providing a pleasant, safe, fair, and honest environment for players.

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